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Player Resources

Players – you find helpful information and links to improve your game here!

The NSMLA expects all Player to follow the Fair Play philosophy:

  • Always play by the rules.

  • Don’t lose your temper.

  • Cheer good plays made.

  • Don’t talk trash or tease the opponent.

  • Win or lose, be sure to shake hands with the opponent and officials after the game.

  • Don’t yell at teammates for making a mistake. Never criticise teammates or coaches on the sideline.

  • Admit your mistakes instead of making excuses or blaming others.

  • Try your hardest on every play, even if your team is losing by a large margin of goals.

  • Point out incorrect calls when they go in your favour.

  • Don’t argue with calls that go against your team.

  • Don’t show off.

  • Fair play pointers


Box Lacrosse Tips

Click here for tips from players in the National Lacrosse League.

Click here for lacrosse goal tending tips from Pat Campbell of the Toronto Rock.

50 Box Lacrosse Commandments

Looking for some tips to improve your skills… Click Here for your copy of the Box Lacrosse 50 Commandments.

How Lacrosse Benefits Hockey

Click here to find out why hockey players benefit so much from playing lacrosse in the off season.


Field Lacrosse Tips

The NSMLA field lacrosse season starts in September.  Due to lack of player available in the winter due to hockey and other sports, NSMLA players may have to play with other associations.

Field Lacrosse Shooting Techniques

Field Lacrosse Defensive Basics

Field Lacrosse Face-Off Basics

Field Lacross Throwback


Field Lacrosse Website:

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